22 de abril de 2004

One day night (twenty four hours until the end of time)


"I'm Danny Boyle, I shouldn't be here"
We are dreaming of perdition
Standing in a hot freezing night
Sweating cold

"I could tell you about it, but you already know"
I see the reflection of a palm-tree on a cloud
The cigarette is still burning
It's been burning for years

"Five more minutes and we'll leave"
Fucking whores, fucking night, fucking sky
Melancholic words are dripping out
But you won't listen to me
I'm sleeping, but I'm awake

/This could only be achieved
by not sleeping for twenty-four hours/

[Sleeping, talking, waking]

I woke up to realize;
The cigarette is still burning
They are still asleep
And I watch them dye into the night

"Move the mirror, locate me face and [give yourself in-out]"


- Nice way to wake you up, eh?

Back in insanity we receive the information
Inhale; Exhale
But keep on sleeping

- It's been five minutes. It's time


...For the girl I like:
sometimes, strange is better

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