11 de abril de 2007



Borrowed from Latin procrastinare, from pro– + crastinus meaning "of or belonging to tomorrow" (from crās meaning "tomorrow") + English –ate

Pronunciation /prō-krăs'tə-nāt'

i remember thinking murder.

Me acuerdo la primera vez que la vi. Sensacional. ¿Porqué chingados me complico tanto?
Las cosas son simples. I remember thinking murder. She is so cool. She's a tease. I'm alone and I'm driving so slowly that the dogs are now passing me by, now the clouds are dissolved in the firmament, now it's midnight I hear on the radio; it's the Mexican national song.
It's the Mexican national anthem and, you must use it to win your beloved's heart, for I know that she's wild and she's beautiful, for I know that her soul is like many souls and her heart is a nation itself.

Nota: El texto que esta en rojo es un extracto de la cancion: "Mexican National Song" de The William Blake Band. Autor: Carlos Mal Pacheco

10 de abril de 2007

regret not.

Sometimes I think I take things too far, push the limits, and that's become very usual for me. Since at least the last couple years. Luckily it hasn't got me into serious trouble... yet. Sometimes, when I get momentarily out of a difficult situation I had put myself into, I feel like crying, and I'm not sure if its out of joy or pity, or what.

9 de abril de 2007

gotta have jodorowsky

i'm most certainly buying this.

8 de abril de 2007

patchuko hop

This is the version found around on the internet, my corrections are in red, you be the judge.

And about the whole Échele thing, I'm not sure, it could be something in French for what I know.

Echele, Echele a la noche
Echele, Echele Patchuko Hop

Echele because I wanna rock

Actually live down in (went down to) San Antonio
Looking for Jose Cuervo
Que suerte, que suerte oír hablarte (mi carruaje?)
Actually is a beautiful mujer

Echele, Echele a la noche
Echele, Echele Patchuko Hop

Echele because i wanna rock

Cuando me acuesto contigo
Encuentro el mundo vacío (más frío)

Yo te quiero mucho, mucho
Te quiero con mi corazón

Echele, Echele a la noche
Echele, Echele Patchuko Hop

Echele because I wanna rock

Cuando me acuesto contigo
You make me feel so hot!! (high!)
yo te quiero mucho, mucho
Te quiero con el (mi) corazón

i hate everybody at the discotheque.

Do you ever feel like you're not original, and you're always trying to copy someone else? No? Good me neither. This last week was fun, performance class was great at the time market. I went to see Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Megan was supposed to come too but she didn't show up, so in the end it was only Carla and me, it was great, we had a beer before the movie and overall the movie was astonishing, just the imagery and the way its structured was amazing. I also noticed a lot of references to other movies, or cultural icons. Last night I went out with Sarah to shoot some pool and have some beers, I had so much fun, and we had a lot to talk about and so we did. I got home really drunky, I ate a chocolate and drank a glass of water and sweet dreams.