30 de marzo de 2007

can you spare some cutter me brothers?

Today was a good day. Definitely a good day. Man, was that hard? Spelling definitely. That's a hard word, I hear, even for native English speakers. Anyways. I woke up at 10 something in the morning, watched a csi episode, then washed the dishes, took out the garbage and did some laundry. I got at work around 2, and straight to business, there was a moment where it got really intense and we received, or I received like 16 calls in approximately half an hour. Ernesto was on a demo call and I think I missed like 3 more calls that were just impossible to answer since I had already three more on hold. So I got off at 7, an hour later than I was supposed to.

A las 7 se suponía que empezaba el documental "Dark Days" en The Living Room, ahí por la cuarta avenida y la calle cinco, y pues como salí a las 7 ya iba tarde, de cualquier manera decidí ir y ver lo que restara del documental. Para mi asombro cuando llegué me informaron que estaban teniendo problemas técnicos, y no había empezado aún el documental. Me quedé ahí afuera platicando con unos weyes que aparentemente eran los organizadores de la proyección. Tom y Kylin(?) eran los weyes. Entré me comí mi burro de carne asada que acababa de comprar. Y finalmente llegó un wey con una laptop para proyectar la película pero luego el mouse no respondía y fue ahí cuando aquellos largas semanas de no tener mouse y arreglármelas con el puro teclado me fueron muy útiles. El documental está bien, no voy a decir que está excelente, pero está bien. Me gustó el hecho de que hay varias partes donde sientes que te estás sofocando, literalmente, y justo en ese momento el director te saca a flote, a la luz del día, a respirar un poco para seguir observando la situación tan inhumana, íntima, e inimaginada en la que viven los vagabundos.

After the documentary was over I chatted for a little while with Jacob, he is also one of the guys running The Living Room. I told him that I could bring in De Nadie for them to show there, he said he would like to do so. He told me that there will be an exhibit by the end of the semester. Eugenia an argentinian girl I met before at Congress is going to be displaying her work. So I thought, you know, it doesn't hurt to ask, so I asked if I could show my work there too. I'm going to e-mail Jacob with some of my work so he can decide whether he would like me to be in his exhibit or not. Afterwards I walked down on fourth av. towards my house, and on the way I thought I saw Noah sitting outside Epic, I stopped, crossed the street, and no, it wasn't Noah, anyways, since it was kind of chilly I went in to treat myself for some coffee; black, honey. To my surprise there was a band playing, so while I was sitting there they were performing their last song (later I realized), and I just fell in love with the song. So on my way out I stopped to ask about the song, and I found out that another guy had played before them, Destroy Nate Allen, and he was giving his record away, ain't that fucking cool?

Agarré un cd, le pregunté que tipo de música tocaba, y por lo que describió, parece que me va a gustar mucho, aún no lo escucho. Dijo que tocaba algo folkoso, relajado pero con toques de punk, suena bien la mezcla de estilos. Agarré mi cd, una calcamonía y firmé su lista de correos. También me puse a platicar con el otro wey, de la banda que tocó la rola que me gustó, se llaman The Doomsday Device. A Nate le expliqué como llegar al wal-mart del Tucson Mall, y me dio las gracias. Buena onda el wey. Me despedí y me fui felizmente, con un cd de una banda oscura como diría Sarah, y con una camiseta que también se podría considerar oscura, de los Doomsdays.

On my way to my house I just started feeling this tranquility, and peaceful state of mind and being. I saw a sticker on a light pole that said: nobody gives a fuck about your blog, and I thought that was the funniest shit ever, I almost started laughing out loud right there and then. So, I walk down university, then on Park heading north where I a really cute girl walking down with a couple of her friends there. What a moment I was having. When I was closer to my apartment on freemont I started to become very aware of the sounds of the night and my own footsteps, I was feeling joyful and happy, started to revisit the feelings and the events of today, and it was just great, and to that add the fact that my hair just looked the best today, well, you know, not the best but close to it. Hahaha.

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chel dijo...

jaja que dia el tuyO ehh :)
no se como llegue a el blog pero me gusto el hecho de intercalar idiomas jaja cOOl !