13 de febrero de 2007

Performance+Song combo

I did my first performance for the Live Performance class with Joanna Frueh. It was a piece where Carlos was supposed to tattoo me in class, with very rudimentary tools and questionable hygiene standards. Also today I made my first song on garageband, and I think it came out kind of cool. Here are some pictures and the song.

Pictures cretided to: M. L. Winowiak

Molly, Carla, Kylin, and Cole waiting for the performance to start.

Carlos, getting his stuff ready to do that tattoo.

Carlos doing the nasty shaving. Everybody seems pretty surprised, except for Laura and Carla.

Please don't miss out on Megan's expression (sorry Megan ha ha)

Christ, I mean, Carlos "sterilizing" the tattoo machine tip, or needle.

The very attentive audience.

Carlos, probably saying something funny.

Almost at the end.

A different cropping of the photo above.

Finally, here's that tattoo, you have all been waiting to see. Actually it looks neat, I might do it for real in a performance someday.

Enrique Vázquez Woolfolk "You must atone" (click to download)
Organs, bass, and drums.
(I couldn't get it to broadcast, so please download it if you'd like to hear it)

4 comentarios:

Megan dijo...

hey where's the picture with my attentive and clear face?

good show!

Carlos Mal Pacheco dijo...

Fue un honor participar y tatuarte. Fue grandioso volver a los escenarios, rooms.

chocolate dijo...

jajajaj q pedo?

escuche que querian meter un latino a Miami Ink en vez del chino, podria ser la oportunidad de estrellato de carlos.

Anónimo dijo...

Thank you for the photo credit. I am just happy you bring your little friend with you most everywhere. I wouldn't have been able to capture your tatoo or yourself with Gomez-Pena. How amazing the experience!

Love and Light,