21 de febrero de 2006


Antonia (She's my Soldier Girl, she's so far away)
Outdated film on the afternoon.

Kiss on the cheek. (Me gustan tus cachetes)
Proceso cruzado.

Brushing teeth is nice.
Proceso cruzado.

Why so serious?
Outdated film.

Riding the bus, wind on my hair.
Outdated film. (taken by poncho)

Poncho on a Sunday Morning with almost no Glory!
Outdated film.

Poncho and the sun in my eyes.
Outdated film.

Always ready and in place.
Outdated film.

2 comentarios:

Carlos Mal Pacheco dijo...

Qué guapa Antonia...

Poncho dijo...

buenas fotos mi buen! mmm... monterrey.