23 de agosto de 2004

Life can be real BITCH sometimes

Life can be real depressive sometimes.
You get ready for a hot night; you do your hair and wash your armpits. You leave your house and head out to the night. See the cabs and hear them honking at you. You light a cigarette, and start walking down the road. You see the bum picking trash from the garbage can. Then you see the hottest girls driving the fanciest cars. You see the father and the son without the Holy Spirit going into a fancy Chinese shit sushi restaurant. You stop and you realize you are alone, just you and your cigarettes. You also realize that nobody notices you, its not like you want to be famous or anything, but you want people to know you, to know how cool you are, but then you tell yourself, that you are just meant to go through life unnoticed. Life can be real depressing sometimes. Keep walking and then suddenly stop, you were just about to get run over. Cross the street and knock on your friend’s house, he opens and tells you to come in.
You go in and as you are going through you rip your shirt with a nail sticking out of the wall. Even though you are really pissed, you can't help to shed a tear and you tell your self: that’s just your own damnation, you are emo.

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